About Us

Interac teachers enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of school children every year by delivering interactive and exciting English lessons. Commonly known as ALTs, which stands for assistant language teacher, Interac’s teachers, working in the Japanese school system, enrich children’s lives by sharing their knowledge of English and communication skills and giving insights into other cultures.

Founded in 1972, Interac is Japan’s largest private provider of professional foreign teachers to the Japanese government through its ALT program. Interac is also a significant player in providing professional teachers for commercial and government organizations.

Interac is one of the largest non-government employers of foreign nationals in Japan. It employs nearly 3,000 staff in Japan across a network of 13 offices. Around 2,750 of these employees are non-Japanese.

Interac started in September of 1972 in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, and over the years, the company grew as a provider of educational services to commercial organizations. In the mid-nineties, that field grew, and Interac started to provide ALTs and other education services to public Boards of Education and schools all over Japan.

For the first 38 years, Interac was a founder-owned company. Between 2010 and 2014, upon the retirement of its founder, Interac was owned by Advantage Partners, a Tokyo-based private-equity firm with a diverse stable of company investments. Since April 2014, Interac has become part of the Link and Motivation Group (TSE:2170). The Link and Motivation Group has a range of interests and subsidiaries in the business consultancy, education, recruiting, and hospitality sectors in Japan.


Interac’s Corporate Philosophy

1 We strive to provide “whole person” educational services, so that people’s hearts, mind and lives are enriched.

2 We strive to provide comprehensive educational services to people of all ages and thereby satisfy needs that cannot be met by government, schools or other companies.

3 We aim to become a global company that contributes to more harmonious and closely knit relations among people of the world, by promoting a deeper understanding of languages, cultures, and education throughout the world.

4 We strive to win trust as a professional international educational organization through our services, technology and systems, thereby gaining the recognition of our employees, customers and society.

5 We work as an educational organization, to realize the growth of our employee’s whole personality, so they are able to make great contributions to the world far and wide.

Interac’s Educational Philosophy

Basic concept

– We accept the human dignity of all the people
– We understand that there are differences among individuals
– We have a hope that people can change

Plus focus on four areas

– Knowledge (head)
– Attitude (heart)
– Skills (hand)
– Health (health)

Seven Values of Interac

1 Educational aims We seek to enhance the Four Forces (heart, head, hand, health) in all people, both inside and outside of our company, as the basis of our Educational Philosophy.
2 Client service aims We, as educational professionals, always think of our clients’ needs and strive to bring satisfaction and inspiration to them with high quality and speed.
3 Ethical aims We strive to maintain a high level of ethics through strict legal compliance, and taking responsibility for all our actions.
4 Communal aims We, being committed to our Corporate Philosophy, strive for a relationship of coexistence and prosperity between our company and our employees.
5 Growth aims We take pride in our work and continuously strive for a free flow of ideas and energy so that both our company and our employees continue to grow.
6 Cooperative aims We have respect for each other, based on our mutual pursuit of the five items needed for strong teamwork (the five shared items needed for strong teamwork are: values, emotions, information, workload and inspiration).
7 Vitality aims We care about our own physical and mental health and that of others, always pursuing vitality and positivity.