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Did you know that the answers to the most common questions we receive can be found on our website?

If you need to contact us, the best way is by telephone. That way, we can help you right away and ensure that your questions are fully answered at the same time.


Contact the Interac Global Recruiting Center in Japan

03-6779-9461 (in Japan)
+81-3-6779-9461 (from outside Japan)
Monday to Friday (9AM to 6PM Japan)

Contact us in North America and the Caribbean

801-657-5804 (to Utah, United States of America)
Monday to Friday (9AM to 6PM Mountain, 10AM to 7PM Jamaica)

Contact us in Europe

+44-1865-339-437 (to Oxford, England)
Monday to Friday (9AM to 6PM London)
You may be prompted to leave a voice message. Messages are checked and calls are returned on a regular basis.

Contact us in Oceania

+81-3-6779-9461 (to Tokyo, Japan)
Monday to Friday (12PM to 9PM Auckland, 10AM to 7PM Sydney, 8AM to 5PM Perth)

Contact us in the Philippines

Interac is represented in The Philippines by Chesham Recruitment Inc. Click here to visit their website.

Contact us in the Asia Region (excl the Philippines)

+81-3-6779-9461 (to Tokyo, Japan)
Monday to Friday (9AM to 6PM Japan)

You can find the contact details of each of Interac’s branches under the About Us menu.


Send Us an Email

If you cannot contact us by telephone or find the answer to your question on our website, please send us an email by using this form.

For employment verification or references for previous employees, or to request documentation, please contact the branch that the former employee last belonged to directly. You can find details of our branches under the Interac tab in the menu bar.

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