Corporate Profile


Link Interac Inc.


GINZA SIX 12F, Ginza 6-10-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 
104-0061, Japan

Website: (in Japanese only) (this website, in English only)

Date of Establishment:

25 September 1972

Place of Establishment:

Tokyo, Japan

Paid-in Capital:

97,500,000 yen

Number of Employees:

Around 3,000


100% owned by Link and Motivation Inc.
(First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 2170)


Yoshihisa Ozasa, Board Chairman
Seiichi Matsumoto, President and Representative Director
Shunichi Ono, Director
Yutaka Honda, Auditor

Subsidiary Companies:

Interac North Co., Ltd.
Interac Kanto North Co., Ltd.
Interac Kanto & North Central Co., Ltd.
Interac Kanto South Co., Ltd.
Interac Kansai & South Central Co., Ltd.
Interac West Co., Ltd.

Interac America Co., Ltd. (for ALT recruiting in North America)

Business Area:

1. School ALT business
2. Corporate language training business
3. Recruitment and temporary staffing business
4. Other foreign language education related business

Group Companies:

Link and Motivation Inc.
Link Global Solution Inc.
Link Event Produce Inc.
Link Relation Engineering Inc.
Link Corporate Communications Inc.
Link Marketing Inc.
Link-i Inc.
Link Academy Inc.
Motivation Academia Inc.
Link Sports Entertainment Inc.
Link Dining Inc.


Interac (Head Office) is a licensed recruiting organization registered with the Employment Security Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (License number:13-ユ-304889).


  • American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
  • British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ)
  • The Private Placement Association of Japan


This is a simplified version of Interac’s organization chart, which details how the various functions of the business fit together.