Parents and Families

A Message to Parents and Families of Future Interac ALTs:

Every ALT has unique reasons for joining Interac, and your family member is no different. Listen to the stories of other ALTs to help understand why people choose to live and teach in Japan.

Language, teaching, culture, tradition. No matter where your family member’s interests lie, living and teaching in Japan is an experience that is incomparable. Whether they choose to make teaching a career or strengthen their other skills, global experience will give them an edge.

Interac’s ALTs are very independent and motivated persons. Living and working in Japan provides an opportunity to grow in many ways that simply are not available in other countries. It’s not just sushi; it’s a whole lifestyle that your family member can make for themselves. Give them the chance to determine if Japan and teaching are for them.

When your family member comes to you to discuss coming to Japan, listen. They’re making a choice that will be better made with your support. If they are certain of their reasons, they’ll be more likely to succeed and become someone you can be proud of by way of their experience.

Your family member will learn what it means to be a teacher—a title of distinction. They’ll face new levels of challenge, responsibility, and self-reliance.

We encourage all interested family members to browse the content on our website and connect directly with Interac through social media.