Training and Support

Interac has some of the best in industry support systems available to all ALTs throughout Japan. This support is not only limited to work either. Particularly, for new Interac ALTs arriving in Japan, there is localized support available to help you get established. This even includes things like helping you register at city hall, obtain a mobile phone, and open a bank account.

Pre-Departure E-learning

Around one month before departing for Japan we will introduce you to our e-learning platform. You will be invited to complete various online learning tasks to help you prepare for your arrival in Japan as well prepare you for initial orientation and training.

Initial Orientation and Training


Interac’s initial orientation and training is designed to equip all new ALTs with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to become great teachers. You will become very aware of what to expect when you reach your new community and how to begin your teaching career on the right foot.


Ongoing Training

The branch you are assigned to is responsible for providing ongoing training. The details of the training vary from branch to branch, but you can expect to be required to attend ALT meetings and train from time to time. The training is designed to build on the knowledge and skills you gained at the initial orientation and training as well as to help you to develop knowledge and skills that apply to your teaching environment.


Living Support

We realize that living and working in Japan presents a variety of challenges. Our branches are always just a phone call away to assist you with various concerns and problems. You may choose to contact your branch if you need help or advice finding a doctor, sorting out a problem with your apartment, or completing a municipal transaction. While we encourage you to be as independent as possible, and you will quickly develop problem-solving skills, we do not want any Interac ALT to find themselves left in a precarious situation.

Key Support People


Managing Consultant (MC) – Your MC is your first line of support and contact at Interac. MCs are branch based people (usually non-Japanese) who are tasked with managing and supporting all Interac ALTs in their area.

Trainers – Interac has both national and branch based trainers. Trainers are tasked with helping new Interac ALTs be prepared to teach and help experienced Interac ALTs maintain and improve their skills.

Schedulers and Branch Staff – Schedulers and branch staff are the front-line people working in Interac’s offices and branches. Usually Japanese and bilingual, they are the bridge between you, Interac, and schools.

School Education Service Planning Section (SESPS) – SESPS is the home of our national trainers and the team who provides oversight and develops the company direction for training and developing ALTs. If you attend a flagship initial orientation and training or come to Japan on the alternate track, it is likely that your training will be taken care of by a SESPS trainer.

Global Resource Management Section (GRM) – GRM, which is part of the Corporate Management and Administration Division at the Tokyo Head Office, is tasked with providing general oversight of our teaching human resources. Within the function of GRM is our global recruiting operation, which includes marketing, recruiting, and placement. It is likely that, once you reach the placement phase of the recruiting process, you will deal directly with team members from GRM in Tokyo until such time as you are confirmed in a placement with a branch.

Emotional Well-being

For many, aspects of life in Japan can be stressful. You will have access to a free phone counseling service.