What is an ALT?

As an ALT at Interac, you will work in elementary, junior high, and high schools throughout Japan. These are our clients. Your job is two-fold: language instructor and cultural ambassador. These two aspects are inseparable, and you, as a successful Interac ALT, will become an expert in both.

You can expect to teach classes on your own, with a Japanese teacher present to help manage the classroom. Although there are three types of Japanese schools, you can reasonably expect to teach in at least two. The most common situation is as an ALT in elementary and junior high schools, with a majority of your time teaching spent at the junior high school level.

“ALT” is a title coined by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to describe native-level speakers of English working in Japanese classrooms. With rare exception, as an Interac ALT, you are not a member of the schools’ staff but an employee of Interac, and therefore, you work under the guidance of Interac.


Language Instructor

After a comprehensive initial training program, you will begin an exciting journey that involves:

  • Helping students better communicate through fun and engaging language activities in a positive and friendly environment.
  • Enthusiastically teaching lessons with level-appropriate teaching techniques and language that serves to motivate and guide your students.
  • Respecting, adhering to, and cooperating with efforts to establish Japanese school customs and exercising appropriate cultural sensitivity under all circumstances.
  • Participating in extracurricular activities as directed by Interac.
  • Involvement in ongoing training sessions and meetings, and developing a relationship with your branch.

Cultural Ambassador

More than just teaching, with our help, you will serve as an ambassador who promotes cultural understanding and international communication.

As an Interac ALT, you are unique. Your position is based not only on what you know about language or teaching but also upon the idea that you are a window to the world, someone friendly, approachable, helpful, sympathetic, caring, understanding, and positive – an encourager and facilitator. Your positive attitude will count for far more than what you say.