Who is an ALT?

graphic-who-chartThousands of professional men and woman like
you have taken up the opportunity to be an Interac ALT. No matter the stage of life, Interac ALTs are flexible, open-minded, and have an incredible sense of adventure. They come from a variety of backgrounds and countries. The largest segments
of ALTs are those who originate from North America, followed by Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

As of July 2014, 66% of Interac ALTs are male, compared with 34% female. This is a reflection on the number mix of applications we receive. We wholeheartedly encourage and welcome more females applicants. It is our understanding that this gender
mix is reflective of the labor force for foreign language education in much of Asia, including retail language schools. The average age of an Interac ALT is 33.4. The average length of service is 2.6 years, and currently our longest serving teacher
has been with us for 25 years.

There is a trend that ALTs who apply and join Interac from outside Japan are in their early twenties and have recently graduated from university. In comparison, those applying from within Japan tend to be a little older and have some teaching
experience. Others join Interac from around the world after a few years of experience in another vocation. These other vocations include law enforcement, education, healthcare, advertising, sales, finance, and military.

There is an emerging trend of ALTs who apply to Interac with teaching experience in other Asian countries, most notably Korea and China.