Why Become an ALT?

Your experience in Japan will set you apart from your peers. When you teach in Japan, you will find that there is much more to be gained than a regular paycheck. In fact, your experience will shape your future by providing you valuable career experience, experience living in a different culture, and the lifestyle of freedom and growth you have been waiting for.

Think about it. As long as you have the drive to make a difference in the world as well as in your own life, there will certainly be an opportunity for you in Japan. Teaching in Japan is not so much about changing the world as it is about changing people’s lives. When you work in the field of education, particularly when you teach, you get to impart knowledge into people’s lives, and in turn, you also get to gain a lot of knowledge from them as well. That’s how you change lives – one person at a time.


Develop people skills – working in education is a great place to develop people skills, which are invaluable for any job you choose in the future.

Learn and master a new language – living and working in Japan is a great chance to learn a new language. Not only can you learn the language, you can actually use it!

Kick-start your career in education – teaching in Japan is a great opportunity if you wish to begin a career in the education sector. If you studied education at university or you have some teaching experience already, you will find that the unique experiences you have in Japan will compliment your current knowledge and skills.

Actually teach in a real classroom – unlike other teaching jobs in Asia, Interac ALTs teach in actual school classrooms. You can expect to teach class on your own with a Japanese teacher assisting you to manage the classroom.

Segue into a career in Asia – teaching is a great start to a longer career in Asia. It’s easier to secure new opportunities in the future if you have experience in the region. In the past, teachers in Japan have progressed into various industries, including finance, human resources, higher education, information technology, and media.

Secure your finances – teaching in Japan gets you a reasonable salary and generous vacation time that makes the difference between getting ahead and just getting by. Depending on your circumstances, teaching in Japan is a great chance to save money or pay down student loan debt.

Make friends for life – you will start to meet and form close bonds with other teachers and people in your new community right from your initial orientation and training. You will constantly meet many new and interesting people from around the world.