Transport Costs

Generally, all costs associated with travel for your work are reimbursed monthly by Interac. We recommend that you use public transport where possible for reasons of reliability and safety.


Travel to and from work by train is the most common situation for Interac ALTs. If you are traveling on the same route to work each day, it is likely you will be encouraged to purchase a monthly train pass, which is reimbursed by Interac. In situations where your journey is different some days of the week and buying a monthly pass is not economical, the actual cost of the train ticket will be reimbursed by Interac.



Buses in Japan usually operate locally or on short-distance services. They primarily complement train and subway networks by feeding into and out of train stations. In a lot of areas, buses have ticketing integrated with the train system. Likewise, if you need to use a bus to get to work, the cost will be reimbursed in the same manner as the train pass above.


largetileKei-Car-ExampleFor many of Interac’s rurally placed ALTs, it is a requirement to have a driver license. When a car becomes a requirement for you to travel to and from assignments, you have the option to lease a car for a fee every month. You are also paid an allowance in addition to your monthly salary to offset this cost.

If you have a foreign license, you can drive with an International Driving Permit or official translation (depending on your country) for the first year living here, but you must get a Japanese driver’s license after this time. To transfer to a Japanese license, you need to submit the required documents to your prefecture’s license office in person. An eye test, written test in English, and driving test are required for license transfer; however, people from certain countries are exempt from the driving test.